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  • DAY 1

    Le journal de bord de l’English club à Londres !

  • DAY 1 : Let’s walk !

    We took the tube to Green park. It was very sunny. We saw Buckingham Palace and after we ate in St James park. It was very good ! Erreur d’exécution plugins/sjcycle/modeles/article_cycle.html
    At 1:30, we were very excited because we were in London ! we walked a lot as far as Big Ben and (...)

  • Day 1 : At the British museum

    In the afternoon, we went to the British museum. The teachers told us to look for some art work. The first group who found everything, won a present.
    We saw some famous objects such as the Rosetta stone.
    After that, we went out and complete our travel diary about the (...)

  • DAY 2 : The Globe, The Tate and some shopping !

    In the morning, we went to Shakespeare’s theatre, the Globe.
    The weather changed a lot while we were visiting. It was sunny although it could rain too. We visited the Globe and spent an hour and a half inside. We saw the stage and the boxes and the balconies where people sat. We sat on the (...)

  • Day 2 : Lost !

    On our way back to Mitcham Junction, a lot of us were tired. Mrs Pegon’s group didn’t get off the train at the station and we had to get off at Hackbridge. It was seven o’clock and our families were going to wait for us.
    Hackbridge station is not far from Mitcham Junction but we had to wait for (...)